Dell launches new laptop series to cater to work-from-home trend

Dell, an American computer technology company, has reportedly unveiled a line-up of laptops and desktops to serve the rising demand from employees working from home.

Dell’s new 5G-enabled laptop, Latitude 9420, has been equipped with a built-in speakerphone and will come with enhancements in the camera quality to ensure automatic light correction and other features such as background blur during video calls.

The Latitude 9000 series comes with the latest Intel 11th Generation processors. The most notable feature, however, is its privacy-oriented webcam. Furthermore, the Latitude 9520 and 9420 notebooks feature the SafeShutter camera.

As per the statement made by Dell, the new laptop series has been reported to be the 1st personal computer across the globe to have used the Visual Sensing Technology of Intel to provide lock and auto-wake features. This announcement about the launch of the product series happened ahead of a virtual technology event, CES 2021, which is scheduled to be conducted virtually in the coming week.

On the other hand, the Latitude 7520 series will come with a screen of 15 inches as well as offer a full high definition camera and 4K ultra-high-definition display. Additionally, this line of PCs consists of an automatic webcam shutter that can automatically open or close the camera as per the users’ need by syncing with the webcam applications.

In addition to the Latitude series, the Texas-based company has reportedly launched the world’s 1st ultrawide 5K2K monitor of 40 inches known as Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD Monitor. This product line is capable of reducing the low blue light constantly in front of the monitor screens for the users.

Furthermore, the technology company has specifically designed the Dell 34 Video Conferencing Monitors to allow video-conferencing, which has been certified by Microsoft Teams. These monitors were also equipped with several other features like hands-free commands and facial recognition to ensure high convenience.

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