Data Center Services Market - Trends Analysis and Growth Insights by Key Vendors to 2027

The global data center services market will record notable gains in the forthcoming years, with increasing adoption of cloud and the global rise in the number of data centers worldwide. The implementation of advanced data center infrastructures is fueling the demand for service required for efficient data center management.

The data center services market size from healthcare applications is expected to witness substantial growth in the future.

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Latin America Data center services market will witness strong growth through 2027. This growth will be primarily driven by the increasing use of internet and cloud based services in the region. These trends have resulted in the generation of large amounts of digital data, creating a need for high quality data center infrastructure.

The recent years have witnessed increased digitalization in the healthcare sector and the deployment of advanced data center infrastructures. Considering the large amount of data that healthcare facilities have to deal with, the demand for efficient services for data traffic management is likely to increase steadily in the coming years.

Ongoing investments in data center development projects throughout the region will create favorable opportunities for local service providers over the next few years. Numerous tech giants are eyeing the emerging market in Latin America to expand their data center operations in the region. In March 2019, for instance, telecom giant Millicom International Cellular SA had made an investment of nearly US$68 million to launch a series of data center operations in South America.

Training and development services provide enterprises with a comprehensive training program on developing scalable and high performance data center designs. They provide knowledge about the hardware, system functionality, and basic principles and play a critical role in the smooth and reliable functioning of the data center infrastructure. As a result, training services play a role in ensuring optimum design, functioning, and performance of a data center infrastructure.

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Depending upon the size of data center, the data center services market is segmented into small, medium, and large data centers. The data center services industry share from the medium segment is slated to grow considerably by 2027. As a large number of medium scale businesses are focusing on business expansion, their IT requirements are increasing as well, creating a solid demand for reliable and efficient data center services.

The different types of data center services include training services, consulting services, installation & integration services, maintenance & support, and others. Training services, for both on-site and remote applications, are poised to experience a significant demand in the future.

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