CTM360 Launches the ‘Threat Manager’ Mobile App to Tackle Cyber Threats ‘On-the-Go’

Manama, August 26th, 2020 - CTM360®, a Bahrain-based cybersecurity firm specializing in digital risk protection, has announced the launch of its latest mobile app, ‘The Threat Manager.’ The app aims to allow it’s users to tackle threats on the go, with the aim to simplify security in an agile and efficient manner.

The tech startup has been known to roll out new solutions and upgrades on a regular basis by leveraging revolutionary technologies built by its parent company EDX Labs. Complementary to it’s globally accessible cloud-based SaaS model, the mobile app will give CTM360® a cutting edge against its competitors by enabling its members to manage their cyber threats at the palm of their hands, anywhere and anytime.

“We wanted to truly fulfill the 24 x 7 x 365 experience. Our systems and analysts are available around the clock, and now our clients will have the ability to react faster, regardless of the time or location. There is an age-old saying that, ‘security never sleeps,’ we are confident that our app will help security professionals automate their threat management and reduce their workload.”  - Mirza Asrar Baig, Founder & CEO at CTM360®.

CTM360®’s distinctive ‘Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Tech Stack’ is the very backbone to the Threat Manager that provides all the essential tools to minimize cyber risk. Their DRP stack is the first holistic approach to cybersecurity in the world, which combines all the necessary technologies that aid in an effective ‘offensive-defense’ strategy. The award-winning startup focuses on enhancing its subscribed member’s security posture in cyberspace by providing threat detection & response, digital risk management, threat intelligence, corporate & VIP brand protection, anti-phishing, social media monitoring, data leakage protection through one consolidated platform.

While being a significantly proactive security firm, CTM360®’s unique ‘offensive-defense’ approach has recently landed the company in exclusive lists such as ‘eSecurity Planet’s Top 18 Cybersecurity Startups to watch out for in 2020’, and Cyber Defense Magazine’s Top 100 Cybersecurity Startups 2020. Additionally, CTM360® has joined many notable organizations such as the Forum of Incident Response Teams (FIRST) - a closed security global network, OASIS Open, and ICANN Intellectual Property Council (IPC).

About CTM360®

CTM360® is a subscription service powered by EDX Labs,  offering 24 x 7 x 365 Cyber Threat Management for detecting and responding to threats. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, CTM360® specializes in offensive defense - a mentality that looks to neutralize and eliminate threats in infancy - to identify and manage cyber blind spots outside your network (surface, deep & dark web).

Offered as a service and with an ecosystem built in the cloud, CTM360® remains a leading detection & response provider in cyberspace and the digital domain. Noteworthy statistics include 335,000+ unique incidents managed, 11 billion hacked accounts indexed, 30,000+ digital assets inventoried, and 300 executives protected. CTM360® specializes in threat hunting and neutralizing in cyberspace, digital risk management, threat intelligence, corporate & VIP brand protection, anti-phishing, and more.