Cosmo Tech & Microsoft collaborate to integrate Azure Digital Twins

Cosmo Tech SAS is reportedly teaming up with Microsoft Corporation to consolidate the abilities of Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with the inclusion of its 360° Simulation Digital Twin technology.

Apparently, the integrated technologies allow the enterprise customers of Microsoft to assess systems in real-time and to simulate the eventual growth of the complex organization in unknown environments over time.

This will further enable strategized optimizations at all levels of decision making, financial functions, and enterprise planning, to generate results that are resilient, robust, and sustainable.

According to market speculations, operational decision-makers and executives in industrial organizations need to quickly recognize and solve complicated problems with a clear perspective on options enabling them to adapt to carbon emission pledges with financial performance.

Azure Digital Twins thus helps create comprehensive, elaborated digital models of physical environments interacting with Edge and IoT devices.

Providing information from the entire ecosystem, they segment silos within intellectual environments by binding data from previously disparate business systems and devices, while rapidly increasing data return. The collected data is made actionable and insightful by Cosmo Tech’s Simulation Digital Twins and its holistic layer of simulation.

The software enables companies to create several complex change situations based on existing data or new conditions, visualize the surging effects on the organization and anticipate outcomes. This enables them to explore future results and streamline effects without affecting operational systems to identify the best way forward.

Companies can test limitless complicated scenarios to recognize the causes that lead to a result, and automatically make robust plans to attain the climate and sustainability goals set by them.

For instance, fiber optic cable maker Nexans has joined forces with Microsoft and Cosmo Tech to use their Azure and Simulation Digital Twin technologies, to attain carbon neutrality by 2030.

The Simulation Digital Twin of Nexans comprises over 60,000 separate simulates and characteristics. The company implemented the solution to align with a plan to curb its CO­­2 emissions by 50,000 tons per year.

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