Consumer goods giant LG to introduce indoor gardening appliance

Following the success in mobile and TV products, LG is set to introduce a smart appliance-an indoor gardening appliance-which will let consumers grow vegetables indoors. The highly anticipated LG gardening appliance deploys temperature and water control, sophisticated light, one-size fits all seed packages and a growth-monitoring application to help end-users grow nutrient flavorful greens and nutrient-rich inside cabinets.
The indoor gardening appliance replicates optimal outdoor conditions by innately matching the temperature inside the large cabinet. Apparently, forced air circulation, LED lights and wick-based water management leverage seeds to transform robustly into ingredients for dishes.
Amid the prevalence of a slew of smart technologies, non-circulating water supply technology has taken the world by storm. The technology derails the growth of algae and impedes stinking smell for a hygienic and clean environment where natural herbs and leaf vegetables can grow unabatingly. A smartphone app aids users in not only assessing conditions inside the appliance, but also provides valuable suggestions to propel the growth of the plants.
The sophisticated gardening system can reportedly hold up to 24 all-in-one seed packages. The all-in-one seed packages is innately designed for instant planting. According to reports, the packages at initial stage will include 20 different varieties.
With an inevitable rise in the number of vegans and consumers living vegetarian lifestyles, LG has forayed into the flourishing gardening landscape. According to sources, first home gardening cultivator of LG will be unveiled from January 7-10 during CES 2020.
About LG's Indoor gardening appliance
The innovative indoor appliance is allegedly designed for millions of consumers and it cultivates vegetables and fresh herbs every time of the season. LG believes the indoor appliance to be apt for people who want to lead a greener and healthier lifestyle. The indoor gardening appliance is LG's first of its kind as they vie to bring a paradigm shift in home appliances space.
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