Conexiom unveils Sales Order Automation on Salesforce AppExchange

In the age of automation, technology companies are constantly looking to develop next-gen advanced software which could streamline operations. Conexiom has recently took a pioneering step towards advancing this initiative by launching Sales Order Automation for Salesforce Commerce Cloud on Salesforce AppExchange.
Sources claim that this move would allow customers to increase their productivity and efficiently fulfill their digital transformation goals. As for distribution companies and manufacturers, it would allow them to accelerate and transform their B2B sales.
With the help of Conexiom Sales Order Automation, the platform will further allow firms, who previously received email POs (purchase orders), to get their orders automatically developed in Commerce Cloud.
Moreover, it facilitates touchless, accurate orders directly delivered into Commerce Cloud and provides an improved customer buying experience on the front-end. Order data such as pricing, part numbers, addresses and lead time could be verified from Commerce Cloud before the creation of a valid order.
Whereas, orders that need validation or exceptions would automatically be directed to a case in Salesforce and will notify the buyer to approve and review changes in Conexiom.
Commenting on the development, Mike Micucci, Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, said that its customers directly sell to other enterprises and consumers, who usually demand diverse sets of integration.
However, with the help of Conexiom, its users would now be able to swiftly combine automating the entry of emailed POs with Commerce Cloud, allowing them to launch an end-to-end commerce solution within no time.
Reportedly, this development comes on the heels of recent management change. Earlier in 2019, the firm had named Mike Fisher as its Executive Vice President of Sales. His role is centered on business development and client growth by leading all sales and revenue-generating processes across the firm. Fisher would also act as the strategic lead on consumer growth planning.
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