CLAP to utilize BASF's Organic Semiconductor InkSet technology

CLAP, a renowned South Korean optical film manufacturer, reportedly plans to use BASF's Organic Semiconductor InkSet technology with liquid crystal optical film technology to produce flexible Fingerprint on Display (FOD) within a short time span.
From the strategic collaboration of CLAP's applied solution and BASF source material technology, the two will strategically work together to develop new, innovative products like Bio, IoT, FOD among others and thereby expand the market.
On Nov. 12, 2019 CLAP signed a contract with BASF inSeoul, Korea. Back in June 2019 BASF had also transferred its LC based optical film technology to CLAP.
The new agreement, combining acquisition and licensing, CLAP also receives access to technology of Organic Semiconductors developed by BASF over 15 years ago. The agreement comprises of production technology for the different materials. BASF will be actively supporting CLAP in technology transfer phase and become one of CLAP's shareholders as well.
The Organic Semiconductor InkSet material can makes semiconductor circuits at atmospheric pressure using simple coating process. It can be produced at low temperatures that are below 100 °C, thus implementing semiconductor circuit on any flexible film.
The Organic Thin Film Transistor is created using Organic Semiconductor InkSet material and features low off leakage current and a fast stress recovery as compared to the inorganic oxide TFTs. It is considered an appropriate technology for application to large area IoT, Bio and FOD sensors that demand higher reliability.
CLAP plans to commercialize the Fingerprint on Display sensor by merging the Organic Semiconductor InkSet technology with liquid crystal optical film technology.
Based on the FOD Module shipments, the FOD sensors are expected to increase the market growth three-fold to 600 million units by 2023 from the 200 million units estimated in 2019.
Kim Sung-Ho, CEO, CLAP, stated that CLAP is renowned materials company with its own original technology in the field of sensors and display components. The firm will continue to develop novel values in markets and customers, Sung-Ho added.
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