Chevron, Microsoft & Schlumberger unveil new AI platform for oil field

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being adopted by a number of companies ranging from telecommunications to oil & gas in recent years. Oil and gas companies across the globe are steadily turning towards AI-driven platforms to deliver a better customer experience, accelerate their respective offerings in local as well as global markets and plant safety.
Chevron, a renowned American energy corporation, Microsoft Corporation, American multinational tech giant, & Schlumberger, the largest oilfield services company in the world, reportedly announced the joint launch of a cloud-based AI platform to enhance digital services in the oil field.
The firms issued a joint statement at the SIS Global Forum, held in Monaco, unveiling launch of the DELFI platform. DELFI is a cloud-based platform that contains software for production, development, exploration, storage tanks as well as pipeline projects.
Olivier Le Peuch, CEO at Schlumberger, stated that the industry has never witnessed a collaboration of such kind before, and of this scale. Peuch added that working together would accelerate faster innovation, giving better results, and marking the start of a new era in the industry that would enable this collaboration to boost performance across the value chain of industry.
Schlumberger initially developed DELFI for Chevron, the AI platform resides fully on Azure cloud computing platform of Microsoft. Cloud computing, which depends on internet connections to immensely powerful online servers, is gaining popularity in the oil and gas industry.
Joseph Geagea, Executive Vice President of Technology, Projects and Services at Chevron stated that the DELFI Artificial Intelligence platform is expected to expedite data analysis as well as the time required to develop projects. Geagea added that DELFI will pull great quantities of data in a single source augmenting utilization of artificial intelligence as well as high-performance computing that is built on an open data ecosystem.
The DELFI project will include three phases: first, Petrotechnical Suite deployment within the DELFI environment, second, development of cloud-native applications on the Azure cloud platform, and third, providing a cognitive computing suite comprising native capabilities throughout the E&P value chain, catering to objectives of Chevron.
Development over open DELFI foundation is anticipated to improve the work of the aforementioned organizations petrotechnical experts.
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