Celcom deploys 5G Safety & Security Smart City solutions in Langkawi

With the long-standing history of providing telecommunications services across Malaysia, Celcom Axiata recently launched its 5G Safety and Security Smart City solutions across Langkawi. The company is aiming at enhancing daily operations for local businesses and authorities, along with transforming the digital lifestyles of consumers in the region.
With the assistance of Langkawi Municipal Council and Royal Malaysian Police, Celcom Axiata has initiated its latest 5G Safety and Security Smart City service. The service is a step forward in security and monitoring effectiveness, as it offers multiple 360-degree UHD 4K live video surveillance cameras that are installed at a celebrated and picturesque area in Langkawi; Pantai Cenang.
Idham Nawawi, CEO of Celcom Axiata Berhad, was reportedly quoted saying that the company is looking forward to transforming the island of Langkawi into a more secure destination with the deployment of its 5G Safety and Security Smart City solution.
At Present, the 5G Safety and Security Smart City solution has been deployed across 2 locations at Dataran Cenang, and at 4 locations in Jalan Pantai Cenang and Langkawi. The system features Artificial Intelligence & video analytics capabilities that rely on 5G capabilities of high data speeds and low latency, enabling real-time monitoring and high definition picture quality.
With 5G anticipated to deliver a distinguished experience, Celcom Axiata's initial 5G tests in Langkawi has provided user throughputs close to 1.5Gb per second and a latency of 16ms. The 5G network offered by the company in Langkawi uses 5G New Radio technology that features, MIMO 64T64R (MassiveMultiple-Input & Multiple-Output) through CPE technology (Customer Premise Equipment) and a C-band spectrum.
Celcom Axiata is further planning to expand its 5G use-cases for Crowd Control Monitoring, Fleet Management System, Digital Control of Inbound & Outbound of Cargo, 5G Fixed Wireless Access, Geo- Fencing and Smart Perimeters and also cover Digital Defense for Beach Boundaries.
Source Credit: https://www.celcom.com.my/about-celcom/board-of-directors/mohamad-idham-nawawi