Cadence acquires AWR Corporation from National Instruments Corporation

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. a renowned American multinational electronic design automation software company, reportedly announced its agreement to acquire AWR Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Instruments (NI). For the record, AWR Corp., is an industry expert in RF EDA software technology and is likely to bring a talented RF team to Cadence.
Simultaneously, both Cadence and National Instruments Corp agreed to an agreement to expand their relation to enhance the electronic system innovation mainly focusing on communications.
AWR software is used by RF and microwave engineers to design wireless products for high frequency and complex RF applications. The software technology reduces the time taken to go from concept to manufacturing, thereby helping customers to enhance the design and product development cycle of systems used in defense and aerospace, semiconductor, computer, communications and consumer electronics.
Dr. Anirudh Devgan, President, Cadence, reportedly stated that the companies that design communications and radar chips, systems and modules face a lot of pressure in huge growth 5G/ wireless applications, as far as the 'time-to-market' parameter is concerned. With the inclusion of AWR's technological expertise and talent, Cadence will be able to deliver optimized and integrated RF design solutions, further accelerating system innovation, Devgan adds.
Designers often face challenges with the microwave design flow/traditional RF, comprising of processes that are prone to error, leading to loss of capability and productivity. Through this acquisition, it has been speculated that consumers can benefit from a seamless integration connecting AWR®Design Environment with the industry-leading Virtuoso® and Spectre® platforms and Cadence®Allegro®PCB Designer.
Joseph E. Pekarek, General Manager, AWR, expressed his views stating that microwave/RF/mmWave applications need best solutions to achieve success with optimum design performance. Pekarek further adds that by teaming up with Cadence they can leverage the heritage and strength of the Allegro and Virtuoso platforms with the AWR Design Environment platform and deliver solutions for packages, complex ICs and boards.
The acquisition is expected to be closed by the first quarter of 2020.
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