BPM announces launch of small-footprint mid-size APS 75% more capacity

Houston-based APS manufacturer BPM has reportedly revealed its plan to launch a new APS (Automated Programming System) - the 3928. The mid-sized system is set to be introduced in Munich, Germany at Productronica, with up to seven programming sites.
With a DPH (device per hour) rate of 1,432, this system offers high-capacity, automotive-level, top class production programming in a smaller footprint.
The 3928 also comprises vision centering properties in order to align CSP devices with accuracy, a comprehensive peripherals range including 3D inspection and nearly 28 sockets designed to program a vast array of devices. These characteristics allow the program to lead the class and compete with large systems.
Mr. William White, BPM Microsystems Founder & President has apparently stated that this system is the product of a thorough market analysis and delivers up to 75% more capacity than the 3910 chassis. He further added that the 3928 is the best-in-class device programming facility available currently and is a class apart in terms of versatility, performance and quality.
BPM Product Manager Colin Harper also commented on the technology, stating that the 3928 considers customer's need for programming flexibility and capacity, right from modest MCUs to larger eMMC devices. He also stated that the 3928 provides high capacity, configurability, 3D inspection and myriad other characteristics which were previously found only in expensive, large footprint devices.
The 3928 is powered by BPM's award-winning software feature WhisperTeachâ„¢ and has an easy set up process. WhisperTeachâ„¢ cuts back job set up time by up to 83% while increasing output, by automatically teaching the crucial Z-height having an accuracy of 15-micron for each location/pick for even the smallest of packages.
The system features 3D inspection, which is a sophisticated high-speed device inspection applied extensively in automotive and aerospace sectors.
The evolution of 3D printing has resulted in increased configurability of peripherals and sites. CyberOptics® deliver on-the-fly alignment which help maintain speed consistency without precision disruption. The system is compatible with over 37,000 devices owing to the 9th Gen Technology.
All BPM systems are produced in the Houston-based ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing plant and are branded with the CE mark.
Source Credit: https://bpmmicro.com/high-throughput-automated-programmer-with-7-sites/