BEL partners with Wipro to develop an indigenous system on chip

BEL has also been working on EVM machines and some of the electro-optic applications such as sensors. 
The aerospace and defense companyBharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Indian multinational corporation Wipro Limited have developed a system on chip (SoC) which can be used for civil applications like mobile phones and tablets. All the components of a computer or other electronic systems such as central processing unit, input/output ports, and memory can be integrated by SoC.
MV Gowtama, Managing Director and Chairman,BEL, reportedly stated that SoC is a full-fledged chip with all interfaces, like USB-3 and other security features.It can be used in tablet devices to make secured phones; however, the company is also trying to see its other applications as well, he further added.
According to reliable sources, while everything from the design to the verification of the chip has been done in India but it is being manufactured in Taiwan due to unavailability of fabrication techniques in the country.
Reportedly, 500 chips were produced initially to be used for Software Defined Radios (SDR), tablets, and secured phones. BEL has also been working on EVM machines and some of the electro-optic applications such as sensors.
Besides civil applications, the Defense PSU has also been working closely with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to build chips for phones. The latest chips will use the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System - NavIC, which is operated by ISRO.
Apparently, existing mobile chipsets arenot designed to receive NavIC signals which are at a different frequency from GPS.ISRO hadearlierstated that the agencywill work with the government and mobile chip manufactures regarding the same.
As per trusted sources, BEL scientists have been working closely with ISRO and developed and handed over the pilot hardware for the short code, used to send SMS and MMS, to ISRO.
ISRO has been working on the long code, used for person-to-person communication and might take longer, cited sources. 
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