Avidbots-Maplesoft join hands for autonomous commercial cleaning systems

Avidbots and Maplesoft have reportedly collaborated to innovatively design autonomous cleaning robots for commercial customers. Currently, retail businesses and warehouses are frequently relying on tech to provide cost-effective and efficient cleaning options, which can be used for commercial cleaning purposes. The recent Covid-mandated disinfection steps have added to the existing problem.

To deal with this demand, Avidbots recently launched Neo 2, the autonomous robot floor cleaner, in 2020, and has further expanded its robotic product line with the launch of the Disinfection Add-On in 2021.

According to sources, through its latest collaboration with Maplesoft, Avidbots is using Maplesoft’s software to design robots and test them without procuring the physical prototypes. Avidbots is relying on Maplesoft’s MapleSim software, which is capable of providing various virtual prototypes saving it time and reliable digital models to let its engineers test a range of features, scenarios, and components.

Since the launch of MapleSim in 2008, it has been extensively used by designers as a virtual modeling environment and has been used to examine design elements and test how various product features perform.

The VP of Business Development, Maplesoft, Chris Harduwar has stated that this collaboration between the two firms proves how Canadian technology companies are capable of providing and developing innovative design concepts and bring game-changing and innovative products to the market.

Meanwhile, the VP of Engineering, Avidbots, Peter Ahn has also expressed his excitement resulting from this collaboration. He has stated that with the assistance of Maplesoft’s virtual modelling capabilities, they can deliver nimble and adaptive built-in intelligence to their customers, which will allow their Neo series products to perform efficiently and consistently.

Commercial users are increasingly discovering that the autonomous cleaning robots offered by Avidbots maintain top-notch quality while fulfilling their duties. The joint venture between these two companies is anticipated to hasten the time taken for new features to reach the market, as well as allow a range of options to be paired along with various industries.

Source: Process and Control Today | Avidbots and Maplesoft collaboration produces innovation to meet growing demand for autonomous commercial cleaning systems. (pandct.com)