Atos & C-DAC ink agreement for Quantum, AI & Exascale Computing growth

  • The French technology firm signed an agreement with C-DAC for technology advancements in the sectors.
  • Hemant Darbari will lead the C-DAC programs.
A pioneer in digital transformation, Atos reportedly inked a cooperation agreement with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)for the technology development in the areas of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Exascale computing. Reportedly, the Founder member and Director General of C-DAC, India, Dr. Hemant Darbari, would be leading the C-DAC Mission Made Programs for the sectors mentioned in the clause. As per credible sources, along with offering the firm's Quantum Learning Machine, the alliance is expected to create a 'Quantum Computing Experience Center' at the organization's headquarters in Pune. The center has been claimed to allow an advanced study of the quantum theory applications thus inventing advanced technologies and platforms for data security, connectivity and computing. Combinedly with the high-powered, compact machine, the company has delivered a universal programming language and applicable sources and training. Meanwhile, Atos and C-DAC researchers are expected to work closely unitedly to experiment with unruly technologies to thoroughly manage the growth of the applications and to encounter the challenges associated with digital imitation, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. An Atos official reportedly stated that the cooperation agreement is an important step the company has undertaken for establishing a strategic relationship while building on its position as a global leader for supercomputing, Quantum computing, artificial intelligence and others. Additionally, the alliance is expected to strengthen the R&D activities between India and France with C-DAC and Atos contributing majorly for the technical development and national economic growth. Simultaneously, Atos and C-DAC would be working together to build up a long-term program to work on exascale computing errors and collaboration. In the AI domain, the two would work together on ventures, including utilizing AI to augment the proficiency of HPC frameworks; running AI tasks on HPC systems and establishing an environment of AI gadgets dedicated to escalating inference execution close to the edge. Source credit: