Apple announces new watchOS 7 with hand wash detection feature


  • At the WWDC event, Apple has revealed the watchOS 7 for Apple Watch
  • The watchOS 7 has a new Fitness app and new Dance workout
  • The watchOS 7 is now available to download as a developer beta

Technology giant Apple Inc. has reportedly introduced a new version of the operating system for its Apple Watch that has continuously stayed on the top of the wearables market. At its online-only WWDC event, the Cupertino-based technology firm has launched the watchOS 7 which will come with several features like sleep monitoring, hand wash detection, and more.

Sources cite that the watchOS 7 is now available in developer beta, while public beta is expected to be released next month. The company’s new watch brings a host of cutting edge features aimed at improving the last years’ version.

The Apple new watch is equipped with a hand wash detection feature, which is one of the most-demanded features during this pandemic. With these features, the watch can automatically detect sounds and handwashing motions using its motion sensors, on-device machine learning, and microphone. The watch starts a timer of 20-second to ensure that users can get sufficient time to wash hands.

The latest version of Apple Watch also brings a sleep tracking feature. This feature will help users to get the required amount of sleep, get a bed on scheduled time, and develop a pre-bedtime schedule to achieve  their sleep goals. The watch is equipped with an accelerometer that detects the micro-movements of users.

With an extreme focus on fitness, Apple has added four new workout types to the Workout app: Dance, Functional Strength Training, Cooldown, and Core Training. The watch will use cutting-edge sensor fusion, integrating data from its several sensors, and then making personalized calculations according to the user. Users can conveniently pair WatchOS 7 with an iPhone 6S or later running iOS 14.

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