Amazon to set up new clean energy farms in Ireland and Virginia

  • Accounting to changing climatic conditions, Amazon is all set to launch 2 new renewable energy projects across the globe.
  • These projects are expected to generate 168,000 MWh of clean energy yearly.
Amazon has reportedly announced the launch of two of its renewable energy projects which are expected to be set up in Ireland and Virginia. As per authentic sources, days after the company shareholders refused to accept the hearings of employees over the issues of climate change, it has decided to come up with two new renewable projects- a wind farm in Ireland and a solar farm in Virginia. It has been claimed that the projects when fully established by 2020, would generate a combined 168,000 MWh of clean energy yearly complementing Amazon to reach its goal of powering 100% of operations with renewable power. According to sources with the knowledge of the matter, Ireland's wind and Virginia's solar farms have been claimed to represent the company's Amazons sixty fifth and sixty sixthrenewable energy projects. Following the company's profile, its solar developments in the US have balanced the CO2 correspondent of over more than 200 million miles of truck deliveries. The company reportedly claims that its renewable energy projects are expected to produce 1,342 MW of renewable capacity universally. Kara Hurst, Director of Sustainability, Amazon was reportedly quoted stating that the company is committed to play an important role in contributing towards reducing climate change which is indirectly caused by humans. He further added that Amazon's major investments in renewable energy is a vital step to address its carbon footprint globally and the firm looks forward to investing in more and more renewable projects. For the records, Amazon is one of the largest tech firms presently investing in renewable sources of energy to feed to the power necessities of the data centers drawing large amounts of electricity. Source credit: