Airtel introduces hike in minimum recharge for prepaid customers

  • The announcement has reportedly been made for the prepaid customers of the telecom company across all the service areas.
  • The outcome is expected to lead to a further raise in mobile call and data cost with the industry looking forward to levying remuneration up to Rs 300 per month per user from about Rs 125 presently.
Reputed Indian global telecommunication services firm, Bharti Airtel has reportedly brought about a hike in the minimum recharge plans for its prepaid customers. The mandatory minimum recharge has now been nearly doubled from Rs 23 to Rs 45 and would in future grow substantially. A source close to the company reportedly quoted that it would be necessary for the customers to recharge for Rs 45 or above monthly to precisely avail the services. Furthermore, in argument of no recharge of more than over Rs 45 by the end of tariff validity period, the company reserves the right to offer plan benefits in a restricted manner during the grace period of up to 15 days, as is mentioned. After this, still if the recharge is not made, all services would be suspended post the grace period. Apparently, the new recharge plan has been brought under effect from 29th December following this year. Amid the turmoil across the debt- burdened telecommunications sector, Sunil Bharti Mittal, the company chairman allegedly reported that the amalgamation of rock bottom tariffs and increased consumption is butchering the telecom industry prompting the urgent intervention of TRAI to strike a balance between the needs for securing the investments and consumer interests. Speaking of the TRAI intervention, the body has apparently initiated talks to suggest floor price for the calls and data. It has also delayed the scrapping of the charge paid by mobile users for calls initiated to the other networks, by over one year. Post this announcement, the result is expected to further produce a hike in mobile call and data cost, as the industry progresses towards achieving an average revenue of Rs 300 per month per user over a period of two years. Source credit: