ActZero-IntelliGO unite to build AI-driven Managed Security platform

ActZero, a leading software solution and artificial intelligence company, has recently announced the acquisition of IntelliGO Networks, a provider of Managed Detection and Response Service.
IntelliGO will work jointly with ActZero to incorporate the unified, AI-driven security platform into its Managed Security Services, while continuing to operate as an independent entity.
Several small- and large-sized enterprises are taking initiatives to safeguard resources from the ever-increasing cyber threats. Despite the rising number of cybersecurity providers, however, the instance of cyber attacks is relatively more than the defense measures taken up to reduce attack vectors. In such scenarios, artificial intelligence offers comprehensive benefits in carrying out control measures that otherwise tend to be manual, time consuming, and expensive tasks.
Through AI, security platforms can operate more effectively and quickly, uncovering traces of how threats have been evolved when adversary evades preventive controls, and containing them automatically.
Khaled Mansour, IntelliGO's founder and President stated that the company is joining forces with ActZero, which has been consistently delivering outstanding security solutions by its team of expertise in artificial technology and machine learning, to build the future of cybersecurity. This combination is believed to result in large-scale augmentation of efficacy and efficiency to elevate the capability of mitigating risks for clients.
Founded in 2005, IntelliGO has been endlessly serving clients with its value-added cybersecurity and managed services. For instance, the IntelliGO MDR Platform is one such service provided to combat complex and accelerating threats. In addition, the company also has several past investments to increase its service offerings and deliver advanced, superior services.
Sameer Bhalotra, ActZero's CEO, has reportedly stated that the company has been offering flexible proprietary software, exceptional and critical insights to build models, fighting against sophisticated threats, and striving to build a revolutionary cybersecurity platform to address enterprises' and businesses' needs.
The Chertoff Group, a global advisory services firm, delivering security and risk management solutions, is helping to execute sourcing and diligence. Additional terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.
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