Divinylbenzene Market Analysis, Segments, Size, Share, Industry Growth and Recent Trends by Forecast to 2026

The global divinylbenzene market is expected to witness a lucrative rate of growth over the forthcoming time owing to increasing product usage in healthcare applications, increasing construction & manufacturing activities, surging demand for small & flexible electronic devices, and rising demand for miniaturized smart devices.

Divinylbenzene or DVB is bis unsaturated monomer generally pale or colorless, straw colored kind of liquid. Being as one of the versatile cross-linking agents it is meant for enhancing the polymer properties. It comprises of a combination of para and meta isomers of DVB as well as ethylvinylbenzene. DVB could further be utilized as a monomer for preparing linear polydivinylbenzene by anionic polymerization. Styrene and divinylbenzene together as a co monomer are utilized in making cross linked polymers. Likewise, divinylbenzene could be used as a monomer for the synthesis of crosslinked macroporous styrene.

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Divinylbenzene has other wide-ranging industrial application mainly in the manufacture of ceramics, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, adhesives, ion exchange resins, plastics, biological materials, specialty polymers, elastomers, and membranes. Divinylbenzene as coatings has been specifically reported to enhance surface properties of rubber for biomedical applications, utilized in photocurable protective coatings for glass, metal, woods as well as plastic materials. Further, it could also be utilized as a cathode material in lithium-sulfur based batteries.

Apart from above-mentioned applications, divinylbenzene has been utilized in producing reversed-phase packings for liquid chromatography.

The global divinylbenzene market is segmented in terms of type, applications, and regional landscape.

With respect to type, the global divinylbenzene market is classified into DVB 80, DVB 63, DVB 55, and others. Among these, the other segment is projected to surpass a valuation of approximately $5.65 million by the end of the analysis timeline. This anticipated growth is accredited to the increasing construction & manufacturing activities.

In terms of application, the overall divinylbenzene market is categorized into plastic & elastomers, ceramics, adhesives & coatings, chromatographic resins, ion exchange resins, and others. Here, the others segment is projected to witness a respectable CAGR of more than 5.1 % over the forecast time period.

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From a regional frame of reference, LATAM DVB market is expected to witness steady growth with a CAGR of around 5.8 % over the forecast period owing to increasing usage of divinylbenzene in healthcare applications.

Meanwhile, divinylbenzene market in Middle East & Africa will grow at a CAGR of more than 5.7 % through the forthcoming time period. Rising demand for miniaturized smart devices and increasing demand for small & flexible electronic devices will contribute towards regional market growth.