Qualcomm reveals new Snapdragon Ride platform for self-driving cars

For the past few years, Qualcomm has managed to become a prominent player in the smartphone industry with its innovative series of chip processors. The company has made numerous developments in the technological landscape and now it is planning to make similar ripples in the automotive sector.
Recently, Qualcomm unveiled its latest series of technologies and chips for carmakers dubbed Snapdragon Ride. The platform has the ability to integrate huge amounts of data from the vehicle's sensors and successfully meets all ongoing norms that are based on driver assistance and safety.
As per reports, Snapdragon Ride involves various system-on-chip options, such as Snapdragon Ride Safety, self-driving solution "stack" and a machine learning accelerator. It would also support ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) functions, like traffic sign recognition, lane-keeping, and automated highway driving technology that is commonly referred to as "Level 2" or "Level 1" autonomy.
In addition to this, the semiconductor company has launched a new system that could link vehicles with superior cellular networks by using the "cellular vehicle to everything" or "C-V2X," technology.
Sources cite that both these moves showcase Qualcomm's aggressive strategy to compete in self-driving chips against Nvidia and Intel's Mobileye. Qualcomm is also planning to revive its acquisition agreement with the leading car chip maker, NXP Semiconductors, which had fallen through due to some regulatory difficulties in 2018.
Incidentally, Qualcomm also has a huge market share in India. Recently, the chipset manufacturer revealed that 5G-ready phones are coming to the Indian market within the next two quarters.
According to Rajen Vagadia, President and Vice-President, Qualcomm India, their company is working with start-ups in India on developing connectivity based solutions. They are working closely with Indian equipment manufacturers and has committed a $150 million venture fund targeting new start-ups.
Source Credit: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/06/qualcomm-snapdragon-ride-system-announced-for-self-driving-cars.html