Nokia inks agreement with Orange Slovensko for developing RAN for 5G

Nokia Corporation, a Finnish multinational telecommunications and consumer electronics company, has reportedly been chosen by Slovakian mobile network operator, Orange Slovensko, to develop RAN (Radio Access Network) for its 5G.
Sources cite that this new commercial agreement builds on long-term end-to-end network collaboration between Orange Slovensko and Nokia. With this move, Nokia's technology will strengthen network capacity and deliver an enhanced end-user experience and new upcoming cutting edge 5G services to Orange Slovensko's enterprise customers and consumers.
Reportedly, Orange's network in Slovakia will leverage Nokia's 5G NR (New Radio)-based AirScale software and hardware for 5G frequency bands. Nokia will also deliver its advanced NetAct Management System together with cutting edge automation and efficiency tools.
Reliable sources claim that the deal will aid Orange Slovensko in the evolution of its newly modified AirScale-based 4G network, by adding a 5G network in present bands with pure software upgrades.
Federico Colom, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orange Slovensko, said that the company has been working with Nokia on radio technology for a long time. The deal is already bringing numerous improvements for consumers. Moreover, the company is taking pivotal steps towards introducing cutting edge mobile network services and leveraging its recently upgraded 5G-ready RAN.
Colom added that their firm has built an advanced network of the future that offers exceptional customer experience, innovation in enterprise and mass markets, and optimum power consumption. This agreement would surely give a competitive advantage to the company in the long run.
Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks, Nokia, said that the company's technology would enable Orange Slovensko to effortlessly transition towards 5G network. This agreement builds on their long-standing trusted collaboration with Orange and would offer an exceptional experience for businesses and consumers alike, enabling them to explore the future potential of 5G network.
For the record, Nokia delivers a complete portfolio of software equipment, network equipment, services, software, and licensing opportunities across the world. With a commitment to innovation, Nokia is one of the leaders in 5G deployment and development.
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