NEC Corp and Mavenir join forces to supply 5G open vRAN solution

Tokyo-based NEC Corporation (NEC) has joined forces with Texas-based Mavenir Software company to provide a 5G Open virtualized vRAN solution to the Japanese Enterprise landscape. Stakeholders, including regional authorities, enterprises and other organizations are expected to get unparalleled opportunities in the shape of Local/Private 5G network.
Reportedly, NEC and Mavenir are teaming up on a Local 5G business and 5G Open vRAN to offer a cost-efficient landscape in the industry. The cooperation is set to bring forth a proven track record of NEC in system integration, network, and IT and top notch cloud-native network technology of Mavenir.
Mavenir's President and CEO Pardeep Kohli was quoted expressing reverence on the happening of the collaboration given that they seek to bolster their portfolios in open and virtualized networks. Elaborating on the deal, Kohli went on to emphasize that NEC's radio and Mavenir's vRAN have joined forces to seamlessly bring innovative solutions to the fore of the Japanese Enterprise market.
Senior Vice President at NEC Nozomu Watanabe discussed the significance of the collaboration and stated that it will help them provide vertical solutions that which keep up with the requirements of myriad enterprise customers, and end-to-end one-stop Open Local/Private 5G and vRAN solutions, such as the sophisticated 5G network solution to the end-users.
For the record, Mavenir supplies an Open vRAN solution which offers strategic differentiation by leveraging multisource RRUs (Remote Radio Units) to interwork with the containerized, virtualized and cloud baseband software over Ethernet Fronthaul.
On the other hand, in line with the 5G era, NEC undergirds an open and virtualized infrastructure model, thereby utilizing network enterprise, IT and orchestration. Apparently, the company also underpins vRAN through interoperability testing between the equipment of vendors. It is believed that the collaboration will relentlessly deliver value added solutions to the customers globally.
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