Microsoft takes over Pull Panda to improve code reviews on GitHub

Pull Panda tools are now accessible without any charges in the form of one exclusive GitHub Marketplace application
Microsoft has reportedly taken possession of GitHub tool vendor Pull Panda with the aim of enhancing code-review workflows on the platform.
GitHub, now an accessory of Microsoft, is a web-based hosting service which offers the entire distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git along with its own features.
As announced by Microsoft on June 17, the firm has procured Pull Panda for an unrevealed amount, with the intention of using Pull Panda's services to improve code-review performance.
Records confirm that Microsoft had acquired the San Francisco-based development platform GitHub in June 2018. Following the events, Chris Wanstrath, Ex-CEO, GitHub, joined Microsoft as a Technical Fellow, reports suggest.
As mentioned by GitHub team in a blogpost, better code reviews meant better code for software teams of all sizes, whether one works in open source or on a Fortune 500 team. Fast-moving teams could still run into delays as pull requests could pile up and fall through the cracks. Teams require a better way to manage reviews, reduce turnaround times, and ship codes faster.
For the record, Pull Panda, launched a year-and-a-half ago, provides three major technological facilities - Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics and Pull Assigner - in order to develop code-review functioning. Pull Reminders enable developers to convey other developers that an associate demands the review.
Pull Analytics supply statistics with respect to all things right from wait times to leading contributors. The Pull Assigner assists in automatically circulating code across teams. GitHub plans to ultimately link the features together.
Each of the three Pull Panda tools are now accessible without any charges in the form of one exclusive GitHub Marketplace application known as Pull Panda. Microsoft will no longer offer Enterprise subscription plan but keep proving existing Enterprise plan customers support through Pull Panda's on-premises services.
As stated by Microsoft officials, the corporation plans to incorporate these services into GitHub, with no confirmed timeline available as of now.
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