GlobalPlatform Appoints Strategic Director for IoT Security

Given the increasing need for internet of things (IoT) device security and trust, GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, has appointed a Strategic Director with significant expertise in IoT development and deployment.
Chris Steck, Head of Standardization, IoT & Industries at Cisco, a full member of GlobalPlatform, will work to accelerate the organization's work on IoT security. He will provide strategic guidance to the Board of Directors on GlobalPlatform's IoT initiatives, the security requirements of edge and fog devices, and the use of GlobalPlatform technologies to bring trust to the IoT ecosystem.
Chris will also assist GlobalPlatform in its ongoing liaison activities with other IoT industry consortia, ensuring mutual awareness and cooperation on the development of open standards and an interoperable technical infrastructure for IoT devices and services.
"GlobalPlatform has a long history of successful component and device standardization, which can benefit IoT security," comments Chris. "The problem of security is just too big for any one company to solve alone. The GlobalPlatform membership is perfectly placed to go beyond simply defining best practice and help the market to actually implement security. I look forward to collaborating with the Board, committees and task forces to further align the strategic direction of the organization with the requirements of the IoT ecosystem."
"The connected device landscape is expanding rapidly but many devices are not secure enough to protect against threats and attacks," adds Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform. "Considering the sensitive nature of the data being gathered and exchanged between many connected devices, the lack of standardized security poses a significant risk. As we accelerate our work to standardize the design, certification, deployment and management of IoT devices, Chris will play a vital role in helping the Board to define and execute its strategic priorities in line with global industry requirements."
One of Chris's first responsibilities is to establish an initiative within the organization to focus on IoT security and trust; more information will be available in October. Interested in contributing to GlobalPlatform's IoT work? Become a member now.