Enel X and Infracapital ink a new deal to expand Cogenio platform

Enel X, a global business line of Enel Group, and Infracapital, a global savings and investments company based in Europe, have reportedly signed a new agreement to extend their Cogenio distributed generation as well as energy efficiency JV through a new firm operating across Spain.
This platform was launched in Italy back in December 2018, which is 80% held by Infracapital and 20% held by Enel X. Under the JV, Enel X oversees the operation of the existing assets as well as developing new projects, on grounds of its market and technology expertise.
Francesco Venturini, CEO, Enel X, stated that the company is growing in the energy efficiency and distributed generation segments, tapping into the Iberian region and France and also recreating the previously launched model in Italy with the same partner a year ago. The shift in the energy model, provides the company with suitable structure for growth through this innovative business model.
Venturini further stated that the company is looking forward to signing more deals, so that it could boost the innovative solutions provided to its business customers who are looking to play a key role in the energy transition.
The portfolio of Cogenio features a well-balanced presence of distributed electricity generation, namely; tri-generation, cogeneration and PV, along with supply facilities and gas distribution, all gaining from contracted cash flows with business customers.
Furthermore, the collaboration would also offer advanced solutions in the field of flexibility and energy storage, with the focus on offering network services.
Cogeneration systems confirms the production of electricity and heat combined in a single plant, whereas the tri-generation systems combine the generation of electricity and heat with the production of water or cold air.
In all cases, the end customers get the advantage of increased energy supply available along with reduced energy costs, together with those costs that are aimed at opposing environmental impacts, because of low emissions of residual heat and pollutants in the air.
Enel X, in the field of energy efficiency, provides integrated services to end customers, that range from managing and implementing highly efficient technical solutions to enhance consumption of energy and assessing energy needs. Moreover, the financial resources of Infracapital, which is awaited, would enable end customers invest in energy solution that are modern, focusing on making infrastructure and power consumption more efficient.
Source credit: https://www.enel.com/media/press/d/2020/01/enel-x-and-infracapital-expand-their-cogenio-energy-services-platform-for-business-customers-in-southern-europe