Dahua Technology makes a core product launch at Intersec Dubai 2020

Dahua Technology, a renowned provider of video surveillance products and services, has reportedly announced a core product launch at Intersec Dubai for 2020, which also includes the Full-color technology enabling outstanding performance under low light conditions and HDCVI 6.0 over-coax technology advancement, AI (WizMind/WizSense), facilitating the acceleration of AIoT transformation.
A long-time leader in HDCVI domain that provides great convenience, least cost and supreme quality, Dahua Technology unveiled HDCVI 6.0. with features like 4K real-time, two-way talk, AI coding and improved AI. The HDCVI 6.0 gives a superior visual experience in which minute details are taken with better clarity in a large monitoring coverage.
Focusing on vehicle and human, it substantially enhances the streaming quality in comparison to H.265. Real-time communication lets users to put off intruders and verify situations. Improved Al also provides new opportunities and possibilities for the HDCVI 6.0.
The requirement for low-light cameras has been increasing. The company introduced Full-color cameras, that captures colorful and vivid information even in conditions of low-light. In places, where there are high crime rates like dark alleys, it efficiently captures the color features of humans, vehicles as well as other objects, offering great help during the procedure of evidence collection. Working with target recognition, AI algorithms, and feature extraction accuracy is also improved in environment with low light.
To speed up adoption of AI, the company has also released WizSense, with AI-driven solutions focusing on human and vehicle and also offering simplicity, inclusivity to users and intelligence. WizSense is easy to use as well as not expensive to own. It is capable to meet ordinary users' day-to-day needs.
It features SMD plus, perimeter protection, active deterrence, face recognition, and AI coding, it guarantees precise prediction before events. It also gives instant deterrence at the time of the events and rapid search for target following the events. WizSense also enables saving of storage while ensuring target details. WizSense, being a TÃœV Rheinland, UL, certified, also ensures top-level cyber security by using encryption algorithms.
WizMind, supports video structure, people counting, ANPR, human face/body privacy protection, and large scene monitoring. It's a high-end series of customized solutions to generate more value for system installers and integrators.
The technologies could be used in dark places as well as busy areas surrounded by vehicles and people as well as delicate and important places, like museums, crossroads, casinos, dark street corners and bank vaults.
Source credit: https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/dahua-technology-unveils-core-product-launch-for-2020