CSG Forte Joins Forces with Velosimo, Creates Seamless No-Code Integrations for Govtech Agencies

ALLEN --News Direct-- CSG Forte, a CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) company and the leader in complete and customizable digital payments, today announced a strategic partnership with Velosimo, the only provider of no-code, cloud-native, technology connectors. This partnership enables government agencies to easily connect and augment their technology stacks with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendors via a single processing partner.

"The ongoing pandemic has escalated the need for governments to provide contactless services, and in turn is driving the need for governments to offer complete payment services online for citizens and work-from-home employees," said Kris Trujillo, CEO, Velosimo. "It's phenomenal to add CSG Forte’s industry leading digital payments solutions and expertise in secure online transactions to the Velosimo portfolio. The combination of Velosimo’s revolutionary no-code, off-the-shelf connectors with CSG Forte delivers a connected experience for government agencies that increases efficiencies, improves service, and lowers costs through rapid and reliable interoperability of software systems.”

With CSG Forte's award-winning payment gateway and Velosimo's no-code integrations, government agencies can now:

  • Offer citizens secure ACH (automated clearing house), electronic check and credit and debit card payments online and on-site at government agencies
  • Maintain no-hassle reconciliation, payment troubleshooting, service and convenience fees
  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual, error-prone reconciliation and lower credit card provider fees

“Velosimo’s technology is second to none and seamlessly connects critical govtech software applications better than anyone in the market,” said Jeff Kump, head of payments, CSG Forte. “A major pain point for government agencies is having multiple ACH and credit card processors. By connecting front-end and back-end govtech software vendors to a single integrated solution, CSG Forte and Velosimo's partnership eliminates the challenges of balancing, reconciling and automating processes for govtech agencies allowing them to create experiences that exceed industry standards.”

Learn more about CSG Forte’s innovative, secure payment solutions that help businesses and government agencies reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk, and increase efficiencies.

About Velosimo

Velosimo provides cloud-native, off-the-shelf, and no-code integration connectors explicitly built for government and the distinct scenarios of inner-system use by staff and citizens, with connector management and deep insight into all connected systems transactions on the Velosimo Connect integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Velosimo also provides a revolutionary, low-code environment for rapid custom connector development by Government Technology Companies, System Integrators, and government agencies.

The Velosimo Marketplace showcases the burgeoning collection of quickly-enabled, off-the-shelf, certified integration connectors from Velosimo and their partners.

Government agencies are turning to Velosimo as their escalated move towards online, touchless service drives the need for predictable systems interoperability and modern, uninterrupted user experiences.

About CSG Forte

CSG Forte, a CSG company, delivers scalable digital payments for smarter and faster business growth. Our world-class, award-winning technology offers a unified end-to-end payments platform that easily adapts to changing needs and empowers companies to transform their payments operations into a competitive business strategy. With CSG Forte, companies can process omnichannel payments and offer agnostic payment acceptance, shifting payments from a line-item expense to a profit center. CSG Forte manages billions of payments annually for over 81,000 merchants across government, telecom, insurance and other industries.

For 40 years, CSG’s technologies and people have helped some of the world’s most recognizable brands solve their toughest business challenges and evolve to meet the demands of today’s digital economy with future-ready solutions that drive exceptional customer experiences. Our solutions deliver real world outcomes to more than 900 customers in over 120 countries. To learn more, visit www.forte.net and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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