Arcules reveals signing a strategic partnership with Siemens

Arcules, a prominent innovator of integrated cloud-based access control and video services, has recently revealed that it has joined forces with Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI) to offer its Arcules Service to new enterprises.
According to reliable sources, the partnership is aimed at the global market and demonstrates the rising significance of cloud-based security solutions, which was recently a subject to tremendous growth.
Reportedly, the Arcules Service would help Siemens create a strong, cloud-based solution that would benefit modern businesses by creating safe, efficient, responsible and responsive environments while providing huge cost savings alternatives over on-premise solutions.
Speaking on the move, Werner Braun, Siemens' Head of Portfolio Management Security, said that the technology delivered from Arcules would enable the company to provide scalable and reliable cloud solutions to its users while allowing it to distinguish itself in the market.
Braun added that the cloud-based physical security has tremendous potential and is proven to be a good alternative for traditional security. Moreover, this marks as the appropriate time to implement cloud technology and their company is looking forward to offering a comprehensive security solution to its customers.
As per Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules, their company's solution would benefit Siemens by delivering superior flexibility and reliability than any other cloud-based video service in the segment. Pettersson added that the company has a deep experience of developing on-demand products that meet specific security requirements and is looking forward to work Siemens and its team to ensure that the company's service is widely utilized.
For the record, the Arcules Service works by effectively integrating with several surveillance cameras, further bringing far located business sites into a single view and comparing data across sensors and videos. The service delivers a powerful and flexible platform that is needed by a wide array of surveillance and security deployments all at a compelling price.
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