Accenture partners with Cosmo Tech to offer digital twin simulation technology

Well-known IT behemoth, Accenture has reportedly invested in Cosmo Tech, a software company, to expand its digital twin simulation technology offerings to its client base. The agreement has been finalized via Accenture Ventures during the first phase of the firm’s Series C fund-raising.

Apparently, through the cloud-native 360 Simulation Digital Twin platform, organizations can find new ways to easily and quickly achieve goals such as improved resiliency, cost reduction, efficiency, and lessening environmental impact.

Speaking on the latest move, Tom Lounibos, managing director of Accenture Ventures, stated that the partnership between Accenture and Cosmo Tech is built on a shared vision to engage customers and create new growth opportunities.

Tom further mentioned that the network and capabilities of Accenture will expand Cosmo Tech’s digital twin simulation technology to its customers globally, assisting them in becoming more elastic and optimizing planning.

Co-Founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech, Hugues de Bantel, added that the firm is thrilled to onboard Accenture Ventures as investors in Cosmo Tech. Hugues revealed that their confidence in Cosmo Tech and its cutting-edge technology would assist organizations across multiple industries in shaping the future and making the best choices to become profitable, sustainable, and productive.

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech, Michel Morvan, also mentioned that with digital twin simulation technology, businesses now have a new approach to comprehending and controlling intricate supply chain activities. Michel stated that the firm is delighted to collaborate with Accenture Ventures to enable enterprises to become confident, agile change agents. 

For the unversed, the 360-degree simulation digital twin platform of Cosmo Tech empowers organizations to test and explore business changes to see the potential immediate and long-term impact. The cloud-native platform also automatically finds the best possible action plan by leveraging the data from the current systems to test an unlimited number of scenarios.

Moreover, established in 2010, Cosmo Tech’s solutions help asset-intensive organizations to increase their profit by almost 5% across complex supply chains and cut capital and operating expenses by 10-15%.

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