Smoke Pressure System Market: Worldwide Analysis, Regional Outlook and Forecast To 2024

Smoke pressure system market is set to observe growth rate of over 5% till 2024. The support of governmental bodies certainly, also holds major significance, as they have worked to frame building codes that contractors would need to adhere to. The mandate has led to a rise in the deployment of fire security systems, thereby fueling smoke pressure system industry size. Currently, these building construction and safety norms are being followed by many healthcare service providers in order to maintain a safe, comfortable, and non-hazardous environment for patients. Numerous healthcare facility owners have made it a compulsion to install fire protection systems in their hospitals and clinics to reduce the occurrence of fire-related fatalities.

Smoke pressure system market has been one of the major verticals to be impacted on account of the changing trends toward energy efficiency that the globe has been witnessing. Regulatory bodies have now mandated the deployment of smoke pressure devices in high-rise buildings for ensuring the safety of buildings as well as occupants. The increasing need for smoke management systems in residential as well as commercial buildings will thus have a favorable influence on smoke pressure system industry  trends, considering that toxic gas and smoke are the major causes of hazardous in most buildings.

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Speaking of the product landscape, smoke pressure system industry has gained tremendous monetary benefits from the sales of roof-mounted systems. In fact, roof-mounted based smoke pressure system market accounted for a lion’s share of 65% of the global revenue in 2017. The extensive growth can be majorly attributed to its enhanced capability of removing the harmful effects triggered by high temperature and humidity.  In addition, subject to its anticorrosive galvanized steel structure, roof mounted systems also seem to be a viable option during extreme climate conditions.

It is imperative to mention that roof mounted smoke pressure system market has amassed a huge popularity in high-rise building applications, owing to its user-friendly layout that works seamlessly with the provision of vents on multiple floor structure. There has been a growing concern in the fire protection industry regarding the compatibility of superstructures with fire-safety standards. This is perhaps due to the fact that in these tall infrastructures, smoke can spread to upper floors through vertical openings, elevator shafts, and stairwells. In consequence, toxicity and visibility become major concerns.

Although some of the modern buildings are incorporated with fixed smoke management systems, these systems are not intended for complete fire suppression and overhaul activities, according to 2009 International Building Code Section 909.1. With the regulatory framework becoming more stringent to deploy efficient stairwell pressurization systems, the profitability quotient of smoke pressure system industry is certain to augment.

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Data Tables

TABLE 1.    Smoke pressure system industry 3600 synopsis, 2013 - 2024

TABLE 2.    Global smoke pressure system market, 2013 - 2017 (USD Million)

TABLE 3.    Global smoke pressure system industry, 2018 – 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 4.    Global smoke pressure system industry, by region, 2013 - 2017 (USD Million)

TABLE 5.    Global smoke pressure system industry, by region, 2018 - 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 6.    Global smoke pressure system industry, by product, 2013 - 2017 (USD Million)

TABLE 7.    Global smoke pressure system industry, by product, 2018 - 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 8.    Global smoke pressure system market, by component, 2013 - 2017 (USD Million)

TABLE 9.    Global smoke pressure system market, by component, 2018 - 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 10.    Vendor matrix

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