Scottish Power announces 100% renewable electricity as new tariff

Scottish Power, a vertically integrated energy company, has recently announced the plan to offer 100% renewable electricity to all new fixed tariff customers. This renewable energy project to supply clean electricity exclusively from the company's own windfarms has been substantially taken up against the claim of "greenwashing", a practice to prove sustainability credentials, from customers.
The customer choice promoter company Which? has reportedly highlighted inferior services provided by some energy companies, who invest in renewable energy certificates that doesn't match the energy tariffs that have been offered.
The gas and electricity regulator, Ofgem, recently stated that the company is apparently aware of the greenwashing practice that deceives energy customers with cheap renewable energy certificates. It is planning to investigate on this issue for further delivery of reliable and quality services from the energy industry.
According to Scottish Power's chief executive, Keith Anderson, the company is planning to gain customers' trust in the growing UK renewables industry by making a switch to green electricity. It aims to convince customers that they are obtaining electricity from truly green sources.
Mr. Anderson further added that the introduction of various solar projects and wind farms will complement the company's aim to go green, instead of attaching certificates to claim the same. The company will reinvest as much money that have been generated from the green tariffs in the new green electricity production project.
As per energy industry rules, renewable energy developers can offer transparency to customers by accompanying green electricity with the certificates directly from generators. However, the electricity and certificate aren't necessarily sold together to the second buyer.
In 2018, Scottish Power built its solar energy projects portfolio by selling off fossil fuel production projects. Through this initiative, it planned to focus on generating electricity from offshore and onshore windfarms.
As per the current record of renewable electricity generation, only a few green energy companies, including Ecotricity and Good Energy, and community energy projects are exclusively using their own solar and wind farms to generate clean electricity.
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