Polyacrylamide Market Size, Trends And Forecast To 2027

With rapidly escalating demand for cosmetics and personal care products, the polyacrylamide market is forecast to witness a period of remunerative growth by 2027. Polyacrylamide is extensively used as a stabilizer as well as binder in lotions and a number of other cosmetics products.

Today, the product is found as an ingredient in personal care products such as facial moisturizers, color cosmetics, anti-aging products, hair products, sunscreens, body lotions, and more. While it is not a pressing concern in itself, polyacrylamide is composed of repeating acrylamide molecules. Acrylamide is strongly suspected to be a carcinogen and linked to mammary tumors.

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As such, the European Union (EU) has set certain limits on the amount of acrylamide that can be used in consumer products that contain polyacrylamide. However, no such limitations are currently in place in the United States.

Meanwhile, polyacrylamide is also extensively used in waste, sewage, and water treatment applications. Given the globally increasing awareness around sustainability and environmental conservation, several world governments have been consolidating their waste and wastewater treatment infrastructures. This would likely play a strong role in fostering market outlook.

The product also finds use in synthesizing dyes, contact lenses, oil recovery, paper making, ore processing, and permanent-press fabrics' making, and the construction of dams, tunnels and sewers.

To better outline its revenue growth, the overall polyacrylamide market is bifurcated into different segments such as product, application, and regional landscape.

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Amphoteric polyacrylamide is an eco-friendly flocculant that is produced from a hydrolyzing agent and acrylamide monomer.

With respect to the regional landscape, the LATAM polyacrylamide market will witness a strong demand particularly from the region's municipal segment of water treatment applications. Several municipal bodies are focusing on improving the quality of potable water in their respective regions.

Several major wastewater treatment projects are currently under progress in Latin America. For instance, in September of 2017, ACCIONA Agua and GEL Inc. invested USD 33.9 million in wastewater treatment systems in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe.

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