Luxury Plumbing Fixtures Market: Business Opportunities, Leading Players, Trends Outlook Up to 2024

North American luxury plumbing fixtures market is estimated to exceed USD 7 billion by 2024. While demand for jacuzzies and whirlpools are increasing across the region, water conservation is topping the list of environmental protection organizations which is encouraging the luxury plumbing fixtures industry players to design and promote the adoption of water efficient products.

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 APAC is also one of the most lucrative regions stimulating luxury plumbing fixtures market, having held 25% of the overall share in 2016. Subject to increasing consumer disposable incomes in India and China, in tandem with the fact that most luxury plumbing fixtures manufacturing hubs are located in these regions, APAC luxury plumbing fixtures industry will witness massive expansion over 2017-2024.

The latest trends in luxury plumbing fixtures market is extensively driven by technological proliferations, given the increased penetration of IoT in home decor business space. Bearing a testimony of the aforementioned declaration is the increasing deployment of advanced products like sensor operated fixtures, dual flush toilets, heated seat, and low flow faucets in modern day’s commercial sector. In this regard, it is imperative to mention that some of the regional government initiatives toward arresting unnecessary water wastage has complemented luxury plumbing fixtures industry growth. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency- Toilets account for almost 30% of the indoor water consumption. Conventional inefficient toilets consuming almost 6 gallons/ flush is deemed to be one of the major sources of this wastage. Recent advancements in luxury plumbing fixtures industry space have allowed toilets to utilize only 1.28 gallons/ flush.

With connected home making a profound headway in infrastructure domain, luxury plumbing fixtures market has witnessed an appreciable popularity since the past few years. It has been observed that today’s well-informed consumers are readily preferring improved designs and technology in their residential and commercial premises for aesthetics and comfort. This, in consequence, is prompting luxury plumbing fixtures industry players to come up with innovative, smart aesthetically pleasing solutions such as bathroom sink faucets, low flush toilets, soaking tubs etc. Quite vividly evident from the business name itself, luxury plumbing fixtures industry share is heavily influenced by macro-economic developments, primarily upsurge in urbanization and increased disposable incomes across emerging economies.

Kitchens, which have become a central showpiece in modern homes have accounted for 15% of the shares generated by luxury plumbing fixtures industry in 2016. The kitchen sink and faucet, being among the most used fixtures in the kitchen, have demanded major attention from luxury plumbing fixtures industry leaders like ROHL, that has recently redefined the design of kitchen faucets as the water appliance. Aesthetically appealing faucets with adjustable water volume are very much in demand in modern homes, on the grounds of which key players in the luxury plumbing fixtures market are concentrating to bring more and more innovative sink and faucet designs to the 21st century homes.

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TABLE 1.Global luxury plumbing fixtures industry 360° synopsis, 2013 – 2024

TABLE 2.Global luxury plumbing fixtures market estimates & forecast, 2013 - 2024, (USD Million)

TABLE 3.Global luxury plumbing fixtures industry estimates & forecast by fixtures, 2013 - 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 4.Global luxury plumbing fixtures industry estimates & forecast by application, 2013 - 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 5.Global luxury plumbing fixtures industry estimates & forecast by region, 2013 - 2024 (USD Million)

TABLE 6.Industry ecosystem analysis

TABLE 7.Industry impact forces

TABLE 8.Global bathroom luxury plumbing fixtures market estimates & forecast, (USD Million), 2013 – 2024

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