Leather Chemicals Market by Product Type, End-Use, Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa) - Forecast till 2026

Leather Chemicals Market is expected to reach USD 11.42 billion by 2026. Rising use of leather in automobile and garment segment will induce significant growth potential in the industry landscape.

Some major findings of the leather chemicals market report include:

  • Large and rising market in Asia set to be catalyst for international growth
  • Rising environmental concerns to drive demand for non-chrome tanning (vegetable tanning)
  • Rising international trade and rapidly increasing garment market
  • Strategic mergers and acquisition by industry participants to expand regional presence. Major players include Lanxess, Arkema, Evonik industries, Dupont Chemicals, Solvay, SABIC, Clariant, and Eastman Chemicals.

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Leather chemicals market are experiencing upsurge in demand owing to multitude of contributing factors. As chemical demand is directly conjugated with leather production and consumption, a trend of largescale adoption in garments and footwear is one of the reasons. Internationally, increasing household income and rapid urbanization has enabled this commodity to be incorporated into more and more markets such as automobile and some niche markets such as accessories segment.

Rapid industrialization and rise in global trade along with incremental rise in fast fashion are going to be growth engines by 2026. Major brands are also promoting the demand for leather and subsequently for leather chemicals thereby increasing the overall leather chemicals market.

The rapid and significant growth in upholstery leather for furniture, aero planes, and especially for automobiles has been one of the main developments in the business over past 15 years. European Union and the U.S. are prime producers of leather upholstery for automotive and aviation sector. Also, the sales of leather-upholstered automobiles in China is close to 100% in the premium segments.

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Amongst many iterations in leather chemicals, tanning is the process of turning raw hides into final product. Skins and hides has ability to absorb tannic acid and other leather chemical surfactants that give them ability to withstand long term wear and decay, ultimately making them resilient to wetting and keep them limber and durable for a long period. Therefore, chrome based tanning agents hold majority share as they tends to be softer, more pliable, has higher thermal stability, is very stable in water and takes less time to produce. Whereas, with promising growth in chrome based tanning, other alternatives such as vegetable tanning is gaining significant ground primary owing to its environment friendly approach.

In terms of region, Asia pacific is the most promising growth regions in leather chemicals market. With growing domestic industry and relatively inexpensive manufacturing and labor costs has resulted in Asia Pacific being dominant exporter of final products. Countries such as China, India, and Vietnam are major producers due to the presence of numerous small to medium scale manufacturers.

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