Insulectro to add Canada in DuPont's Pyralux® Sales Territory

DuPont Interconnect Solutions, a leading distributor of technology-based materials, has recently announced its strategic expansion of Insulectro's function in the North America region. Insulectro is a leading provider of materials that are used for complex, multi-layered circuit boards, and printed electronics manufacturing, with 11 strategic warehousing facilities stationed in Canada and the United States.
The expansion will position Canada as one of the regional sales territories to roll out DuPont™ Pyralux® flexible circuit materials. Insulectro, a leading provider of advanced engineered materials, has started marketing and promoting DuPont™ and Pyralux® products to customers, with effect from January 17th, 2020, as a continuation of its expansion of warehouse and distribution footprint across Canada.
According to DuPont Interconnect Solutions' West Business leader, Andy Kannurpatti, the company's business collaboration with Insulectro is crucial for its expansion in North America. DuPont's expansive, industry leading portfolio of systems and materials, designed to cater to the design challenges of the current as well as future generations, includes the Pyralux® flexible circuits, further backed by Insulectro's warehousing and other facilities to help accelerate regional shipments of products.
Patrick Redfern, President and CEO of Insulectro also commented on the strategic business trajectory and expansion in North America. Mr. Redfern believes the expansion can further improve the production of superior printed circuit board materials and commit to the circuit industry in Canada.
A varied set of customized dimensional constructions and dielectric materials are included in the Pyralux® portfolio. These constructions enable designers and manufacturers to deliver solutions that operate at a high standard and speed.
Pyralux® copper-clad laminates, adhesive systems, coverlays, and bondplys deliver excellent performance and high reliability. These materials are capable of fabricating solderable, thin, and high-density interconnects in single- as well as double-sided, rigid and multilayer flex applications. Thin and efficient ground and power planes are being manufactured within the printed, multi-layered printing wiring board through the usage of DuPont's Interra™ embedded planar capacitor laminate.
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