Filter Bags Market Report 2022-2024: Regional Revenue, Growth & Trends Analysis

The filter bags market size from pharmaceutical application is likely to exceed over $215 million by 2024. The product is seemingly used in the pharmaceutical sector to filter used syrup, galenical extraction liquid, protein removal from plasma and filtration of gelatins, active carbon, hormones and vitamin extracts, helping companies to develop products with increased purification levels, improved quality whilst saving on machine and labor costs.

For most parts, pulse jet filter bags seem to have gained mass appreciation in recent times. The product is utilized in the paper & pulp industry to separate fine particles and is also used in recovery processes and mills. Due to its advanced design, the product can be cleaned easily by using a short burst of compressed air passed through a shared manifold over a row of bag filters.

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Moreover, as it is not compartmentalized, the product can operate at higher air-to-cloth ratios making it smaller and cheaper than other filter bag products available in the market. The growing demand for paper to replace plastic bags from the packaging industry will also help augment pulse jet filter bags industry size, slated to register a CAGR of 5.5% over 2018-2024.

One of the most important applications that demands the deployment of filter bags is water treatment, owing to the exponentially increasing need for clean water supply across the globe. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), scarcity of clean drinking water is one of the main reasons for illnesses around the world, contributing to around 2 million deaths per year. To counter this issue, water filtration plants are increasingly adopting filter bags to precisely remove extremely fine harmful particles and to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment.

The utilization of filter bags in controlling industrial emissions owing to its molecules and particles holding capacity will boost the product demand, thereby driving the growth of the overall industry. Rising emissions in China and India due to the growing industrial activities will further augment the growth of the filter bags market in the upcoming timeframe.

A major factor that will propel the industry is the growing automotive sector across the globe will contribute to the rise in steel production. The filter bags used in the reactor exhausts in steel manufacturing industry, will result in an accelerated demand for the product, stimulating the overall industry growth. Furthermore, the filter bags are also used in pulverized coal injection apparatus and coal fired boilers in the power generation industry for capturing fine coal sediments.

The Filter Bags Market is set to observe growth rate of over 5.8% till 2024. The global filter bags industry has recently been experiencing appreciable growth on account of the rising awareness concerning high quality and a safe environment. Filter bags remove particulates and withstands high temperature conditions in an efficient manner, which makes them suitable for usage in metal, cement and power generation industries, thus propelling the growth of filter bags industry.

From a regional perspective, it would not be incorrect to claim China to be a pivotal revenue pocket for the global filter bags market. As a matter of fact, the China filter bags market size is expected to exceed over $505 million by 2024, driven by the region’s rapidly advancing cement industry, that has been the cause of massive dust and particulate emissions. Indeed, estimates claim that the country’s cement industry records dust emissions to surpass 12Mta – significantly higher than the government’s target of 5.5Mta, signifying growing demand for the product in the forecast timeframe.

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Data Tables

TABLE 1    Filter bags market industry 3600 synopsis, 2013 - 2024

TABLE 2    Global filter bags industry, 2013 – 2024, (Million Units) (USD Million)

TABLE 3    Global filter bags industry volume, by region, 2013 – 2024, (Million Units)

TABLE 4    Global filter bags industry revenue, by region, 2013 – 2024, (USD Million)

TABLE 5    Global filter bags industry volume, by type, 2013 – 2024, (Million Units)

TABLE 6    Global filter bags market revenue, by type, 2013 – 2024, (USD Million)

TABLE 7    Global filter bags industry volume, by media, 2013 – 2024, (Million Units)

TABLE 8    Global filter bags industry revenue, by media, 2013 – 2024, (USD Million)

TABLE 9    Global filter bags industry volume, by material, 2013 – 2024, (Million Units)

TABLE 10    Global filter bags industry revenue, by material, 2013 – 2024, (USD Million)

TABLE 11    Global filter bags industry volume, by application, 2013 – 2024, (Million Units)

TABLE 12    Global filter bags market revenue, by application, 2013 – 2024, (USD Million)

TABLE 13    Vendor matrix

TABLE 14    Filter bags distribution channel analysis

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