Covid-19 Lockdown Impact: Ethyleneamines Market Trend and Demand (2020 to 2025), Decresearch

Globally, ethyleneamines are witnessing remarkable consumption owing to an extensive demand across adhesives, papers and resin applications. Characteristics such as the ability to make a product soft and flexible coupled with enhancing the adhesion will positively influence Ethyleneamines Market outlook in the coming years.

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Increasing awareness regarding the need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness to avoid incidences of bacterial or fungal infections is driving the demand for surfactants in detergent products. Surfactant is a compound used in various cleaning products owing to the capability to reduce the surface tension of water and allow the molecules interact with grease and oil.

Increasing investment by the public sector and private entities towards the manufacturing of reliable, cost-effective, advanced and innovative products that are ecofriendly will complement the use of the product in various critical industries. The existence of several manufacturers that are involved in capacity expansion and collaborations primarily in APAC in order to cater to the mounting chemical demand will magnify ethyleneamines market size.

By 2024, China ethylenediamines market size from pesticide application is expected to exceed USD 45 million. Robust food and beverage industry in China due to large population and increasing urbanization are supporting developments in the agricultural sector across the region. Surging penetration of agrochemical market in the region with an aim to protect the crops and ensure reliable and continuous supply of superior-quality crop yield is steering the demand for pesticides.

Oil and gas operations across the U.S.

Robust oil and gas sector in the U.S. to meet the energy demands of people is a major factor complementing the adoption of the compounds across the region. U.S. diethylenetriamine market from lube and fuel additives applications will register gains of close to 4% over the period of study. DETA is primarily used as a fuel additive that controls the amount of deposits in the fuel system. Ethyleneamine finds considerable commercial usage as a dispersant detergent chemical in gasoline.

Moreover, ethyleneamine is widely used in oil mining activities at oil fields due to its ability to prevent corrosion on drilling equipment. The derivatives from the product have applications in oil and gas refining and production operations such as functional additives, demulsifiers, neutralizers and corrosion inhibitors. The product is used as an antioxidant to monitor any form of contamination in refining operations. 

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Developments in food and beverage sector

Triethylenetetramine (TETA) is a chemical compound that is used as resins in binders towards the production of inks. High disposable income along with advanced food and beverage sector is driving the use of inks for packaging. Thermoplastic polyamides are produced with the help of TETA and are witnessing application as formulating gloss, overprint varnishes and abrasion-resistant. Italy triethylenetetramine industry share from polyamide resin application is projected to surpass USD 5 million by 2024.

Ethyleneamines are significantly used towards the production of weak-base ion exchange resins that find use in water treatment applications and industrial processing. Stringent regulations established by the governments regarding water safety in order to protect the citizens from severe water-borne diseases will intensify product adoption in the near future.  Global ethyleneamines market share is fairly consolidated with prominent industry players being BASF SE, Akzo Nobel N.V, Tosoh Corporation and The Dow Chemical Company, among various others.

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