Choline Chloride Market Share Current and Future Industry Trends, 2020 - 2026

Attributing to the increasing level of awareness regarding persona health & nutrition, the global choline chloride market is likely to register a lucrative period of growth in the forthcoming years. Additionally, the projected industry growth is also anticipated to come from the animal husbandry sector owing to the rising awareness regarding the impact of animal heath on yield and nutrition levels.

Choline chloride is considered to be a rich source of essential B-vitamin choline, which is a naturally occurring substance found in plant and animal sources, particularly in liver, eggs, meats, fish, wheat germ, and soybeans.

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As an integral component of the cell membranes, the substance effectively supports the communication that takes place between the nerve cells, which further helps support proper liver function as well as cell metabolism.

Natural feedstuffs typically do not contain enough amount of choline. Additionally, the amount is also not present predictably bioavailable owing to variations in the conditions of crop growth. As livestock need choline physiological, several feedstuff manufacturers add the material to their feed products. In poultry, the product is considered a performance promoter and is used to prevent conditions such as liver enlargement and perosis inside chicks.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the demand for eggs and poultry meat is projected to continue its rise owing to factors such as population growth and increasing individual consumption. In fact, the poultry meat market is slated to grow regardless of income level or region, with the per capita growth being slightly more in developing regions than the developed ones.

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Considering its essential nature in human and animal nutrition, the market for choline chloride is likely to rise significantly in coming years. The overall choline chloride market is classified in terms of grade, form, application, and region.

Based on grade, the market is further classified into 98%, 75%, 70%, 60%, 50%, and others. Among these, the Increasing demand for high quality ingredients in personal applications is likely to boost product demand for the 60% grade segment.

The 75% grade segment is also expected to witness significant growth in coming years. Rising demand from the oil & gas industry and shifting trends towards sustainable solutions is likely to foster market share. Meanwhile, rising chemical industry and increasing demand for safe solutions is likely to augment product demand in the others segment over the coming years.

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