By 2027, Air Ducts Market to Record CAGR Of 3% Via Retail And Shopping Complexes Sector

The air ducts market share from retail and shopping complexes is expected to rise at a CAGR of 3% over the coming years, owing to a growing number of commercial complexes worldwide. Efficient air ducts in HVAC systems, that are installed at considerably large spaces, play a critical role in maintaining a constant temperature.

Owners of these commercial complexes spend heavily in acquiring efficient HVAC systems to provide a pleasant shopping experience to customers and increase their footfall.

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From oval air ducts, global industry share is slated to witness notable expansion over the coming years. The oval shape duct restricts air loss, maintains equal pressure, protects against leakage, maximizes energy efficiency, uses less space, and can be utilized in longer-length applications.

Air Ducts Market from Rectangular air duct segment is anticipated to hold a 40% industry share by 2027. Integration of rectangular air ducts in HVAC systems allows easy fitting into and above the ceiling walls. These air ducts are known to be quite useful and convenient in buildings that have severe space limitations. The higher compatibility of these rectangular ducts makes them broadly suitable in a wide range of applications.

Along with these features, the simple design of oval ducts enables easier installation than other ducts. The oval duct is broadly used in HVAC systems, deployed at offices, commercial complexes, and other large places.

Rapid urbanization, extensive infrastructure development, and the adoption of green building initiatives would foster that air ducts market growth through the forthcoming years. Air ducts are the most critical component of HVAC systems, which help in maintaining constant temperature and proper ventilation at different locations within the premises.

Meanwhile, based on a regional outlook, surging expenditure to uplift public infrastructure would positively impact the industry’s business expansion in North America. In fact, as per the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S. government’s US$2 trillion infrastructure plan reserves approximately US$600 billion for the upgradation of physical infrastructures, such as railways, water systems, airports, and others, creating flourishing opportunities for the market. Global air ducts market size is slated to surpass US$5.5 billion by 2027.

Europe will hold more than 20% share of global air ducts market by 2027. The European countries, including the UK, France, Italy, and Spain are witnessing a revival in their hospitality and tourism sectors as they come out of the pandemic.

The growing construction of hotels and lodging facilities to serve a large number of incoming immigrants and tourists is creating substantial demand for HVAC infrastructure. Moreover, the flourishing corporate sector, along with government initiatives to promote energy-efficient systems to reduce emissions, should also positively influence the demand for efficient air ducts in HVAC systems across the region.

Dundas Jafine Inc., DC Duct & Sheet Metal, Eastern Sheet Metal, Deflecto, LLC, Thermaflex, Ruskin Titus India Pvt. Limited, and Sisneros Bros. Mfg., are among some notable companies involved in the manufacturing and supply of air ducts globally. These prominent companies are leveraging modern technology to design and build effective air ducts to make HVAC systems more reliable and energy efficient.

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Data Tables

TABLE 1.    Global air ducts market estimates and forecast, 2017 – 2027, (Million Units) (USD Million)

TABLE 2.    Global air ducts industry volume estimates and forecast by type, 2017 – 2027 (Million Units)

TABLE 3.    Global air ducts industry revenue estimates and forecast by type, 2017 - 2027 (USD Million)

TABLE 4.    Global air ducts industry volume estimates and forecast by application, 2017 – 2027 (Million Units)

TABLE 5.    Global air ducts industry revenue estimates and forecast by application, 2017 – 2027 (USD Million)

TABLE 6.    Global air ducts market volume estimates and forecast by end-use, 2017 – 2027 (Million Units)

TABLE 7.    Global air ducts industry revenue estimates and forecast by end-use, 2017 – 2027 (USD Million)

TABLE 8.    Global air ducts industry volume estimates and forecast by region, 2017 – 2027 (Million Units)

TABLE 9.    Global air ducts market revenue estimates and forecast by region, 2017 – 2027 (USD Million)

TABLE 10.    Strategic dashboard

TABLE 11.    Distribution Network

TABLE 12.    Vendor matrix

TABLE 13.    OSHA’s permissible noise exposures

TABLE 14.    Industry impact forces

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