Butyric Acid Market – Global Industry Analysis, Growth Factors, Trends and Forecast to 2027

The global butyric acid market is likely to witness momentous growth through the forthcoming time period due to increasing use of cosmetic products such as perfumes and deodorants, growing demand for leather tanning, and rising awareness around the numerous health benefits associated with the product.

Butyric acid, also known as butyrate or butanoic acid, is a saturated SCFA (short-chain fatty acid) having a four-carbon backbone. It is in fact one of the three most prevalent SCFAs in the gut, along with propionic acid and acetic acid. It is a colorless liquid with a very powerful and unpleasant odor that is corrosive to tissue and metals. Butyric acid is mostly found in esterified form, generally in plant oils, raw milk, butter, animal fats, and clarified butter.

The main health benefits of butyric acid as well as other SCFAs is their ability to provide colon cells with energy. This acid provides colon cells of human body with about 70% Trusted Source of their overall energy needs.

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Meanwhile, scientific research has found out that levels of fecal butyrate could differ greatly among individuals however consumption of a diet which is high in resistance starches, for instance an under-ripe banana, naturally increases butyric acid levels and might even aid in maintaining the colorectal health.

Regular consumption of diet which is high in fiber increases the butyric acid amount that is produced in the gut which is known to reduce the colon cancer risk. Various studies have confirmed that butyric acid is a known to prevent as well as treat colon cancer largely by blocking the growth of colorectal tumor cells.

Further, it also leads to apoptosis thereby stopping the cancer cells growth completely. It is also known to play a major role in reducing inflammation, managing weight, as well as in protecting the brain.

The global butyric acid market is segmented in terms of type, application and regional landscape.

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In terms of application, the overall market for butyric acid is classified into leather tanning, plasticizer, cosmetic, animal feed, food additive & flavoring, biofuel, pharmaceuticals, and others. The others application segment is projected to grow at 13.2% CAGR over the analysis timeline.

From a regional frame of reference, LATAM butyric acid market is expected to witness steady growth with a CAGR of more than 13.9% over the forecast time period. This projected growth is ascribed to the increasing usage for leather tanning.

Meanwhile, butyric acid market in MEA is likely to witness a respectable CAGR of over 19.4% through the forecast time period. The anticipated growth is majorly ascribed to the increasing use of cosmetic products such as perfumes and others.

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