Biocontrol Agents Market Forecast to 2025 - Covid-19 Impact and Global Analysis - by Active Substance, Crop, Application and Geography

Biocontrol Agents market will exceed USD 7.5 billion by 2025; according to a new research report.

Biocontrol Agents market has been witnessing a significant growth rate accredited to growing government initiatives globally to promote bio-based products and with growing consumer awareness for green products. Biological control agents are capable of replacing chemical agents that are used by decreasing emissions in the environment and thus resulting in lesser soil and water pollution hence the demand for biocontrol is rising day-by-day. As opposed to tradition pesticides, biological control agents are by their nature less detrimental and more specific to target pests. In addition, they decompose easily without leaving hamful residues, therefore, they have potential to reduce the use of conventional pesticides as an integral part of Integrated pest management. The rate of conservation and recycling of natural resources in organic farming is another factor that will contribute to the industry growth during the forecast timeframe.

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Sustainable agriculture is one of the most important concern at present, considering both demographics of the world and crop productivity based on chemical control. Biocontrol agents are used to protect several varieties of crops such as pulses, cereals & grains, fruits and vegetables etc. from pests and other herbivore organisms that can damage the crops. They are used in on- field crops and conservatory to minimize diseases on fruits, flowers cereals, legumes, and grains caused either by post-harvest pathogens or foliar. However, slow response time to achieve economic level of pest suppression might be a limitation to biological pest control market.

Based on revenue, microbial biological control segment will hold the highest market share of over 60% in 2025 of the overall market. Microbial biological control agents are applied to crops to keep a check on plant pathogens that attack via different modes of action. They enhance nutrient availability and uptake, improves overall productivity and health of the crop, assists in residue and resistance management.

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Europe and North America are the major regional biological control markets followed by Asia Pacific. The regional industry is characterized by the presence of many R&D firms, high capital investments and a growing demand for organic farm products. A large amount of urban population in this region is another factor behind the rising demand for crop protection technologies.

The biocontrol agents' market competitive landscape includes key players such as Novozymes, Cropscience Bayer Ag, BASF SE, Koppert Biological Systems, Valent Bioscience Ag, Biobest N.V., Syngenta Ag etc.

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